GET YOUR ALPENFEST PIN!!! Show your support of this year’s Alpenfest by wearing your pin!!!  It will be your PASSPORT to receive FREE or REDUCED costs during Alpenfest Food, Contest and Concert Events! Available at the Gift Haus near the Pavilion on Court Street, Gaylord Information Center and at businesses throughout the area. Please checkout our Brochure, which shows over 40 events you get FREE or REDUCED with your Alpenfest Pin!!!! Brochures can be found around our area as well as on our website.


         Alpenfest Pin 2017 – $5.00


The Official Alpenfest® pin was designed by Isabel Allmacher.  She is a sophomore at Gaylord High School where she participates in Drama Club and Band.  Her entry was uniquely hand painted with water colors.  The committee was very impressed with her overall design and the vibrant colors.  Isabel said she intentionally used bright colors and just wanted to do something special that would be really cool!  Good job Isabel, you nailed it!


The second runner up will be the official “Alpenteer” pin submitted by Katie Butler.  Katie is a junior at Gaylord High School.  She likes doing portraits of people and incorporated this into her design.   Katie used colored pencils to hand draw this beautiful pin.  Congratulations Katie!