Sponsorship Opportunities

Dear Friends of Alpenfest®,

We are very excited to unveil our new Alpenfest® sponsorship program along with our brand new website gaylordalpenfest.com.  In addition, we have some great entertainment lined up and many “new” events!

Our new sponsorship program is designed to allow you to receive a tangible return on your investment.   In addition to print advertising, we will be utilizing a multi-faceted marketing approach that includes television and radio mention opportunities, social media, and e-blasts.

We have a great assortment of dynamic entertainment coming soon!

Back by popular demand, Alpenfest will again host a “Classic Car and Truck Show” on Saturday, and the art tent will be returning to the courthouse lawn.   

Your Sponsorship allows us to make Alpenfest® happen. For your convenience we have added a “Donate Online” feature that you can find below, or as always you can download our sponsorship agreement and fax it in the be billed later. We welcome and deeply appreciate your donation – of any size.  Thanks in advance for your continued support, and we look forward to an amazing Community Celebration!

Donate to Alpenfest®!


Stage Name Sponsor $5,000

Alpenfest® Jay’s Sporting Goods Main Stage Sponsor
Alpenfest® UnitedHealthcare® Pavilion Stage Sponsor


This exclusive Sponsorship will attach your name to the Stage for the entire week. Prominent banner displayed on stage. All advertisements, radio mentions, print material, including posters, full page ad in brochure with multiple mentions, newspaper, T-Shirts, social media, Alpenfest® website home page and Sponsor page with logo and link, logo will appear on Alpenfest® TV ads, eblasts, VIP tent / viewing area, nightly emcee introduction and Sponsor Board. Please contact us so we can meet with you to customize your sponsorship.

Fireworks Co Sponsorship $3,000

Radio mentions, print material, including posters, ½ page brochure ad and logo on sponsored event day, newspaper, T-shirts, social media, Alpenfest® website with logo link on Sponsor page and Schedule of Events page, Saturday Night on-stage introduction , e-blasts and Sponsorship Board. Please contact us so we can meet with you.

Kid’s Games Sponsorship $2,500        

Banner for entire week, print media, including newspaper, ½ page brochure ad with multiple mentions under daily schedule of events, posters, T-Shirts, Alpenfest® website logo on Sponsor page and daily schedule of events. Please contact us so we can personally meet with you.

Alpenfest® Otsego Memorial Hospital Program Sponsor $2,500

Full page ad inside 5,000 Full Color Alpenfest® brochures. The brochures will also be available online through our Alpenfest® website. Your logo and link will appear on our home page and sponsor page, and you will receive radio mentions, T-Shirts, Sponsor Board and e-blasts. Please contact us so we can personally meet with you.

Main Stage Entertainment Co Headliner Sponsorship

This Sponsorship will allow you to be one of three nightly Entertainment sponsors. Your banner will appear on stage during your event, including the Alpenfest® website sponsorship page and daily schedule of events page including a logo and link, print material, radio mentions, brochures, newspapers, T-Shirts, Social Media, VIP seating. Please contact us so we can personally meet with you.



Alpenfest® Grand Parade Sponsor $2,000

Alpenfest® Art Van Grand Parade Sponsor

Your name will be linked to the Alpenfest® Parade and included in all marketing and print material associated with the parade. VIP Grand Parade viewing area with 4 guests, Alpenfest® website Sponsor and Parade Page including radio, print media, T-Shirts, poster and Sponsor Board. Please call so we can personally meet with you


Pavilion Stage Entertainment Headliner Sponsorship
$1,500 (4 Remaining)

This Sponsorship will allow your banner to be present on Stage during the event, you will receive emcee on stage recognition prior to the event, brochure with logo and mention under daily events.


Parade Band /Performer Sponsorship $1,000




This sponsorship will allow your banner to be displayed during the parade ahead of the sponsored band, you will also have your name appear on the Alpenfest® website sponsorship page and parade page, logo in brochure and specific Alpenfest® Parade print media including sponsor board.

Alpenfest® Art Tent on Courthouse Lawn $1,000


Sponsored by Paragon Ink 

A hands on art experience, offering demonstrations, exhibits for purchase, classes, and more…details are still being planned.  This sponsorship allows your banner to be displayed on the tent for the entire duration of the festival.  Additional opportunities will be forthcoming.