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2022 Awards

der Buergermeister

The der Buergermeister is awarded to an individual who has impacted the community by giving their time, energy, heart, and soul in making the Gaylord Community and Otsego County a better place to live. This person adds great value to community by sharing their ideas and leadership skills to help others become successful to their cause. This individual puts in countless hours caring about those who reside here. During the week of Alpenfest the current Mayor of the City of Gaylord turns the leadership reigns of the city over to our new der Buergermeister beginning with the opening ceremony of Alpenfest on Tuesday evening. This award is voted on by several civic leaders in the community.



Parade Marshall

The Parade Marshall Award goes to an individual who is a Champion of Alpenfest over the years. This individual volunteers’ countless hours in helping organize Alpenfest during the year and is down on the Alpenstrasse throughout the week of Alpenfest not only promoting the festival, but the community as well. We look at this person as someone who thoroughly enjoys giving back to the community and is excited about seeing the smiling faces of those who attend the festival each year. The Award is voted on by the Gaylord Alpenfest Committee.



Dar Award

The purpose of the Dar Award is to collectively honor all the Alpenfest volunteers who work behind the scenes and whose contribution may appear to go unnoticed. The award is named after Dar Mongeau who for many years greatly assisted her husband Jim with his duties as the general manager of Alpenfest. No one better symbolizes the intent of this award than the person whose name it proudly bears. This Award is voted on by the Gaylord Alpenfest Committee.



Edelweiss Award

This award is presented to an individual who goes above and beyond the normal volunteer duties. This award is named in the memory of Pam Duczkowski and Patti Dobrzelewski who gave of their time, and energy by putting on successful events over the years here in the community and being very instrumental and involved in the coordination of Alpenfest, Chamber and Tourism for numerous years. This individual has the same passion for our community as did Pam and Patti. This award is voted on by the Gaylord Alpenfest Committee.


Honored Business

The Alpenfest Honored Business Award is awarded to a local business or organization who is “a great friend to Alpenfest” You can find the business promoting the event by volunteering their organization or helping by way of monetary donation. The Honored Business also is a huge supporter of the Gaylord community and is involved with helping it grow. This award is voted on by the Gaylord Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

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